A New Way to Manage Your Cybersecurity Workflow

Here’s something you might not realize about your company’s cybersecurity: More than half (52%) of data breaches occur due to human errors and system glitches – not malicious cyberattacks (48%).

That’s right.  Simple day-to-day problems account for more than half of your cybersecurity risk. Cybercriminals are a huge concern, but your company’s data security is even more threatened by your own employees and systems.

This highlights the critical importance of a cybersecurity workflow tool like Stave Cybersecurity Manager. It’s highly effective at monitoring for cyberattacks. But even more importantly, it guides your employees toward safe behavior, sends alerts for any system failures, and assists your tech staff with managing their cybersecurity workflow.

Analyzing Your Workflow

Cybersecurity Manager starts by analyzing your system from end to end. This allows you to see where things stand, in order to discover any existing cybersecurity weaknesses. You’ll receive a clear report that shows vulnerabilities, urgent issues, and much more.

You’ll take a guided walkthrough of your cybersecurity framework, including information systems, environment, architecture, risk management, and processes. It’s web-based, enabling work across your entire enterprise regardless of location, systems, or devices.


Creating Remediation Workflows

After a system analysis, you can begin to address issues one by one, assigning tasks to the appropriate person on your team. Cybersecurity Manager ensures this happens in a step by step manner to keep you from missing any single detail.

It’s like having a playbook that explains how to deal with any data security issue in the world. As you troubleshoot problems and begin remediation, the tool shows who should be doing what, in what order, which types of inputs are required, and how to determine when things are fully resolved.

As you check things off the list along the way, Cybersecurity Manager continues to monitor your system and flag any new issues that arise. This prevents problems from popping up over and over again.

In fact, Cybersecurity Manager eliminates the #1 inefficiency of U.S. organizations: lacking a “single system of record” for accomplishing results, causing duplicate work and chronic problems. Now you have a central command for cybersecurity issues to help you manage all the details of the entire workflow.

Compliance and Documentation

Need to prove compliance to an outside inspector? No problem. Cybersecurity Manager offers archives with dates and timestamps, plus a System Security Package (SSP) you can download and share.

Cybersecurity Manager has a proven track record of meeting Assessment & Authorization (A&A) process requirements in hours – not months. This is a major productivity benefit for your company.

Ongoing Monitoring

With Cybersecurity Manager, you receive a steady stream of updates, including real-time Information Assurance Vulnerability Alerts (IAVAs) and Information Assurance Vulnerability Bulletins (IAVBs) from the U.S. Cyber Command. You’ll never be caught off guard by a cyber threat again.

Cybersecurity isn’t just about preventing a catastrophic event like a data breach. It’s about providing day-to-day support for your cybersecurity workflow, keeping a watchdog on guard to assist your tech staff.

This new way of managing a cybersecurity workflow prevents catastrophes and promotes enterprise-wide security. It’s a proactive approach that keeps companies safe and productive.

To learn more about how Cybersecurity Manager could streamline your cybersecurity workflow, connect with Stave, watch this short video, or go try it out in the ServiceNow Store.

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