Control Your Assets Before Your Assets Control You

Managing the full asset lifecycle is challenging, especially when it’s being managed via email and over multiple spreadsheets. The constant cross examination from one spreadsheet to another can be a headache, particularly if you’re the only one following the “makeshift” system.

While you should be controlling the process, sometimes it can feel like it’s controlling you.

If your organization is always in “reaction mode” such as responding to constant emergencies, high demands for repair, parts and maintenance, it can feel like constant mayhem.

What if your organization was in “proactive mode” instead?

Just because an asset is not already inside your warehouse should not suggest it does not exist somewhere. Of course it does; and you can control it before it hits your dock.

Most asset management processes miss the opportunity to control an asset early in the acquire process. Software tools, such as AssetPath, communicate with the supply chain so you have more control over your inventory. Strengthening your planning phase can help prevent issues such as:

  • Too much or not enough stock
  • Location of parts & materials
  • Unavailable parts & materials
  • Inaccessible tools
  • Obsolete parts

Real-time dashboards provide full visibility into the inventory so you can track and schedule receiving and shipping and prevent any issues in advance. Dashboards are also equipped with reporting tools so you can review historical records and perform audits as necessary.



Preventing inventory issues results in controlling costs so you can better manage the budget. Cost savings may be recycled into other areas of your organization such as asset reallocation, acquiring tools and hiring additional manpower.

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