Digital Procurement to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Deliver Value

Would your users feel happier and be more satisfied if you offered digital procurement? Stave ProcurementPath, available for the ServiceNow platform, offers an Amazon-style digital shopping experience that’s a perfect fit for the way your users seek products and services today. It’s fast, intuitive, and improves long-term user satisfaction.

Here’s a closer look at how Stave’s modern digital procurement solution, ProcurementPath, can provide your users a better experience, accelerate procurement, and increase satisfaction:


Your customers are busy and don’t have time for long conversations and multiple strings of emails every time a purchase needs to be made. ProcurementPath is a digital procurement solution that offers an intuitive self-service searching capability that organizes everything for efficient searching and ordering.

Whenever they’re ready, users can simply make procurement or purchase requests just as they  do in their personal online shopping experiences. Using pre-approved procurement or vendor catalogs, goods and services options are easily discoverable and options are laid out in a visual format for review and request. The electronic procurement capability is intuitive and echoes other user-friendly shopping interfaces they’re familiar with, so the entire experience feels welcoming.


A mobile-friendly interface is another benefit that will leave the user feeling satisfied. Mobile now accounts for 65% of all digital consumption, with the average user spending just under 3 hours a day on their mobile device.

ProcurementPath meets mobile users in the space where they already are – online and on the go. The experience is cloud-based, fully mobile-responsive, and works no matter which browser, phone, tablet, or other device they’re using. Everything is always available in a format that fits in the palm of their hand.


From purchase to delivery, there’s end-to-end visibility into the procurement or purchasing process. When questions arise, Procurement can easily answer them, which boosts everyone’s satisfaction down the line.

The end-to-end transaction information in the managed within the ProcurementPath system. When a question comes up about the products, quantities, deliveries, or invoices, users can drill go right into the purchase and see the order details firsthand and create support inquiries directly from the request. Users can even see advanced metrics, previous orders, and or set up forecasts that help them plan for the future.

Total visibility helps enable procurement and spend compliance. Generate or automate spending and compliance reports to enforce policy and process governance and increase on-contract spend.


When a company provides a reliable digital solution, users are more inclined to use them instead of going around procurement. The rigorous governance provided by ProcurementPath means everything offered can be delivered. Internal information remains secure from outside interference but is still easily accessible to verified users with a quick login. Using ProcurementPath is always a positive experience for users and the procurement team.


Procurement should be a pleasure, not a hassle.  ProcurementPath provides an out-of-the-box, intuitive, and easy-to-manage digital procurement solution for your organization. This solution is  loved by our customers:

The Stave ProcurementPath app worked out of the box – it was easy to install, we had it up and running within 2 weeks. Our procurement team and users have found the app intuitive and easy to use, with our entire team now using the product.

Nathan Thomas from Cask LLC

Keep customers happy and loyal with Stave ProcurementPath, a cloud-based digital productivity tool that streamlines the procurement process. See a video about how it works, go try it out in the ServiceNow Store, or connect with Stave to learn more.

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