Ensure Cybersecurity Compliance by Remediating Risks 70% Faster

Is your compliance remediation process slow and unreliable? Many organizations find that their remediation process takes weeks or even months – especially when ensuring compliance with standards like the NIST SP 800-37 Risk Management Framework (RMF). That’s a huge drain on your company’s resources.

Stave Cybersecurity Manager can help you reduce your remediation timeframes. Better yet, we can prove it: customers have been able to track compliance up to 95% faster and finish their compliance remediation up to 70% faster than ever before. Here’s how.

Central Information Repository

Cybersecurity Manager provides a system to identify your compliance status, performing analysis, and determining what remediation activities need to take place. It’s also web-based, meaning it can work across your entire enterprise regardless of location, systems, or devices.

When your company has a single system of record for compliance and remediation guidance, everyone can trust the process and focus on the job to be done. Cybersecurity Manager guides the remediation activities process, step-by-step, preventing miscommunications and ensuring coordinated execution.

Task Assignments

One of the biggest benefits of Cybersecurity Manager is that it prioritizes and assigns tasks that are required during remediation. Your team will not only know what should be done, but exactly who’s assigned to do each task, and when its required to be completed

This eliminates inadvertently duplicating work and repeating the same tasks over and over again, which slows everything down. Entrepreneur found that one of the #1 inefficiencies in organizations is a lack of having a “single system of record” for accomplishing things – Cybersecurity Manager provides this single source of truth.

Real-Time Tracking and Reporting

As your organization accomplishes remediation tasks, Cybersecurity Manager tracks the entire process and creates a permanent record of the remediation activities. It’s easy to check things off the list and ensure no detail is missed.

When reports and analysis are needed, it’s easy to pull data from the system. Generate reports that show performance records, whether you’re hitting benchmarks and vulnerabilities that still remain in the system.

Having access to this kind of real-time data is proven to improve both employee performance and company performance. A recent ZDnet study found that when IT employees had real-time information at their fingertips – meaning data that was available within a few seconds – they made better decisions, avoided misperceptions about reality, and contributed to better outcomes for their companies.

Proven Compliance

At some point, you will have to prove to auditors or regulators that your organization and systems are compliant. With Cybersecurity providing this evidence is no problem – you can simply pull data from the system to provide the remediation activity history and compliance, both with the required controls and the risk or cybersecurity methodology you employ.   There are multiple options for generating common reports needed to display compliance or other regulatory information.

Moving forward, your company will have the kind of system it needs for ongoing monitoring and compliance. Document your comprehensive system security plan or package (SSP) that your organization use to review system specifics and points of contact.  For complex vulnerability assessments and remediation, document plans of action and milestones (POA&Ms) within the system to keep things on track.

Remediate Faster with Stave Cybersecurity Manager

Stave would love to help your company see a 70% reduction in compliance remediation time. For a free demo, connect with Stave or try Cybersecurity Manager in the ServiceNow Store.

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