How to Use Your ServiceNow Platform Like Your Smartphone

If you have a smart phone, such as an Android or an iPhone, then you know it comes equipped with a set of base applications such as calendar, text messages, camera, email and the Internet. These standard apps are what make a smartphone useful, especially in business.

While this may be what you want, is it what you need?

What if you need to order a ride to the airport? Or, want to share an article with your network? What if you want to view a competitor video?


While your smartphone does not necessarily come equipped with apps that can do any of these functions, it does have a store equipped with applications that do. Apps such as Lyft, LinkedIn and YouTube, may not be the standard applications on a smart phone but they are readily available and compatible with both the Android and iPhone platforms. When you download these applications to your phone, you are extending its capability.

That’s exactly what Stave does on the ServiceNow platform—we help you do more!

The ServiceNow platform comes equipped with a set of base applications including IT, Security HR, Customer Service and Intelligent Applications. While these are good applications, limiting your platform to these is like only using the standard applications on your smartphone.

What if you need to do something more in your business such as procurement, manage facilities or asset and vendor management?

The ServiceNow Store has a variety of desktop and mobile applications that are fully functional out of the box. Applications that can extend your platform include:

Asset Management

This application provides full visibility with managing assets from acquisition to disposition. It provides full visibility into the process from end to end and helps increase warranty cost recovery.



This application drives value with automated workflows. It accelerates purchasing timelines, manages vendor contracts and optimizes your spending so you know where all the business dollars are being allocated.



This application helps you make informed decisions regarding security and data protection with greater assurance. The end-to-end cybersecurity software automates compliance, risk management, examines your vulnerabilities and improves your protection posture.


Portal Creation

This application helps you design a fully functional customer portal without the fuss of coding. This application utilizes responsive templates, designed by experienced UX experts, that work on a variety of devices. The application accelerates the time-to-productivity deployment and delivers an extraordinary user experience.


Similar to downloading third party apps to your smartphone, you can configure your platform to tailor it to your needs. There are many possibilities to expand your platform and revolutionize the way you do business. To learn more about how to use the ServiceNow Store or expand your platform, contact us at [email protected].

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