Integrating ServiceNow with GitHub

ServiceNow recently introduced the ability to sync the platform apps you’re developing to GitHub, the popular hosted source code repository platform.  It’s not everyday that two industry-leading platforms come together in such a way to make platform application development so easy.

We made a YouTube video walking through the setup and integration process with real examples.  Check out the video here:



In the video, we show how we created a repository in GitHub and uploaded a new ServiceNow application to it.  We then show how commits and changes are made and how the source code and app can be downloaded into a separate instance.

Want to see the potential on apps you can build in the ServiceNow platform?  Let us give you a demo of the utilities and line-of-business tools that we’ve developed today:


Are you excited about being able to sync to ServiceNow apps to GitHub?  Let us know in the comments below. 

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