Managing Certifications and Training for Asset Maintenance and Facilities Operations Safety

Your organization recently procured a new boiler. After the boiler ships to the warehouse, the facilities manager is tasked with assigning an employee to the new asset. Since boiler technicians require certifications, this and several other requirements must be assessed:

  • Installation
    Depending whether the boiler is a new installation or a replacement, the site is prepared as part of a commissioning plan. Power, water and exhaust flue connections are part of the installation after the boiler is delivered to the service location. Once the boiler is in place, several lines need to be connected including gas, electrical and hot and cold water lines. Do you have any employee who is qualified to work safely with these types of requirements?
  • Maintenance, Repairs & Overhaul (MRO)
    During the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) cycle, Planned Maintenance is scheduled and Predictive Maintenance is configured to insure that the boiler operates at optimum. Is the employee with the right skill set and certification assigned to that boiler to ensure that alerts, inspections and repairs are addressed in a timely manner?
  • Disposition
    When the boiler’s efficiency and repair costs exceeds set parameters, do you have the technician that can validate the data and prepare a decommissioning plan for disposition of the boiler?

The facilities manager must now sift through employee records for certifications and other technical requirements to find the right fit. If there isn’t an option, employees may need additional training and certification. Sifting through record after record is a timely task. Having a system in place to manage, track and audit skills saves time and helps keep progress moving forward.

Fortunately, AssetPath, can take you deeper than just viewing a resume and employee record to manage skills sets such as certifications and other technical requirements an organization may require.

AssetPath helps ensure that employees have the current skill sets to manage, operate and maintain assets. Now you can:

  • Assign new required skills to an employee
  • Track achievements
  • Validate and approve new skills
  • Assign skilled employee to an asset

Maintaining assets must be done both effectively and safely. AssetPath is a simple way to help you do that and much more. To learn more about AssetPath, contact us.


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