More Powerful and Easier Maps in ServiceNow

ServiceNow has always allowed customers to visualize their enterprise and display location records on top of a Google Map.  We’ve always felt this was a tremendous feature available in the platform, and introduced many teams to the benefits of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), but it has always had two problems:

1. In order for customers to build those maps and see their data, it look extensive JavaScript coding.  Often the coders were not the same as the GIS professionals who understood visualization best.

2. Customers were stuck with Google Maps because it was the only GIS map platform with an integration to ServiceNow.  Google Maps is great and revolutionized the consumer space, but many groups have made huge investments in other platforms, such as Esri.

These reasons have always limited customers’ abilities to truly have geospacial awareness of their enterprises.  There is amazing value in being able to see where your corporate assets are located, where you headcount is most-concentrated, and how your related business services are impacted by geography.

Today we’re pleased to announce we’ve cracked both problems with the latest release of Stave Maps.  We’re excited to announce that the Stave Maps app is now fully certified in ServiceNow Fuji, Geneva, and Helsinki and available for free trial and purchase in the ServiceNow Store.

Stave Maps has been the only solution available to integrate ServiceNow with the Esri ArcGIS Online maps platform — the GIS solution used by over 60% of enterprise and government markets.  And we’re pleased to announce that with this latest version, we’ve extended our point-and-click map designer to the Google Maps platform too, making Stave Maps the only ServiceNow solution to give customers a choice in map provider.

We feel that’s huge and will be a game-changer to commercial customers, municipalities and governments, and global enterprises who trust ServiceNow, Esri, and Google.  The Stave Maps app is the only certified COTS solution to extend ServiceNow with these amazing capabilities.Maps_-_Animated_Gif.gif

I’m most-excited about the following new features:

  • Customers can design and build an unlimited number of maps, each displaying different data using a simple point-and-click interface.
  • Maps can have custom pin markers, so you can, for example, display a server icon where your data centers are located.
  • The tool-tips that pop-up when a marker is pressed are fully customizable and drill-able, in order to display as many details about the record as required, and allow you to update it without leaving the map.
  • Users can display data from multiple database tables on a single map, so you can compare locations between employees and assets, for example.  This has amazing implications to truly visualize your enterprise.
  • New overlay Heatmaps help the viewer understand concentration and proximity of your data.
  • Clustering lets you group nearby map pins together to avoid clutter on your screen, and are also drill-able. 
  • Data filtering can give customers the exact pattern they require to really see value from their data.  The filtering in Stave Maps uses the same powerful that ServiceNows users are accustomed to using.
  • We’re incorporated in-map searching of data in Esri, and incorporated dynamic selection of map pins, clusters, and heatmaps in Google Maps to maximize the end-user’s usage of the data displayed on the map.

Stave Maps is available today.  Customers may try the platform free for 30-days in a stand-alone demo instance of ServiceNow, or may install the app for free in any of their sub-production instances. {{cta(’51c30ea7-01e1-4500-a2e1-f53f2de01e1c’,’justifycenter’)}}

We’re very excited about this release of Stave Maps and are also more than happy to give you a live online demo and help you understand how you can leverage these powerful GIS capabilities within ServiceNow for your business.{{cta(‘c6d92429-7fc5-405f-8487-ffcd73208673′,’justifycenter’)}}


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