Run Your Department As A Digital Business With OperationsPath

Provide end-to-end automation and visibility of the activities and services you supply.

Easy-To-Use, Intuitive, & Flexible Solution

Operations professionals require the tools to run their departments like a business, moving their processes, data, and coordination to a digital platform without having to configure every detail themselves.

Use our centralized solution to:

  • Manage activities and your workforce
  • Deliver services
  • Execute processes
  • Manage data
  • Share knowledge
  • Have complete control of your organization

OperationsPath allows you to automate resources, requests, internal customer management, partner and supplier relationships, activities and events, compliance activities, meeting minutes and action items, and more.

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Key OperationsPath Capabilities Include:

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Organizational Benefits

End-User Benefits
The OperationsPath Outcome
That You Can Expect


Gain real-time visibility into department operations activities, requests, issues, and risks


Automate submission and processing of requests, issues, and incidents


Formally document and complete complex activities through case management

Avoid Delays

Avoid misunderstanding and delays caused by fragmented communication channels using centralized communications


Scale operations processes and activities through automation


Increase accountability and eliminate delays and missed deadlines through task management

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OperationsPath Features

Request Automation

Automate request and approval workflows from submission to routing, approval, monitoring, execution, and delivery. Gain visibility into and governance of the end-to-end process.

Case Management

Improve the performance of your organization and collaborate to manage requests, resolve problems, perform investigations, settle claims, or perform other complex activities.

Events and Activities

Coordinate, plan and communicate events and activities for your organization.


Formally assess anything. Use assessment forms and checklists to perform regular and repeating tasks and to prepare for infrequent compliance activities.

Permits and Permission

Issue, document, and manage permits or other decisions and resources.

Goals and Objectives

Identify, document, and communicate goals and objectives for any department, activity, and event.

Budgets and Expenses

Create budgets and manage expenses against events, activities, projects, customers, vendors, and others.

Partner/Vendor Management

Manage the relationship, activities, and outcomes between your organization and partners and suppliers.

Meeting and Action Items

Manage meetings, read-ahead, meeting minutes, and taskers with an intuitive and easy-to-use meeting management system.

Relationship Management

Manage the relationship between your organization and your internal and external customers, partners, and other organizations. Identify and shape demand for opportunities and transform these into activities you proactively manage.

Work Orders and Task Management

Assign work orders or other tasks to your staff, field personnel, and others within the organization. Provide them with the data and resources to quickly address and complete the tasks at hand.


Formalize, approve, and document structured communications. Send to targeted individuals, groups, and communities. Multiple channels including email, social media, web posting, instant messaging, and text messages to communicate with your communities.

Modern Platform

OperationsPath is built on ServiceNow, a secure, modern platform that provides additional features including Surveys, Request Collaboration, and more.

Issues and Risks

Manage organization issues, risks, and non-conformance items with a structured method to keep milestones and remediation steps in front of mind.


Manage documents and attach them to any type of OperationsPath record.

ERP and 3rd Party System Integration

Stave OperationsPath can integrate seamlessly with your ERP or other 3rd party systems, such as a CRM or EAM system, to offer a combined view of information and a cohesive central platform for all operations activities.

Knowledge Management

Share information with the internal and external community, including FAQs, reference documents, policies, work instructions, self-help articles and troubleshooting guides, service documentation, warranty information, reference documents, templates, and more.

Workforce Management

Manage the availability, work location, capabilities, skills, talent management, and career progression of your workforce all in one place.