Benefits from Digital Procurement with Our Procurement Software

Pay bills electronically, match the received materials with the invoices, execute the order process online, and generate purchase orders with ProcurementPath.

Why Are Procurement Solutions Important?

A procurement app or software is a computer program that allows an organization to automate the processes of buying materials and maintaining an inventory of items.

Procurement software companies make sure to come up with a platform that:

  • Tightens the bottom line of enterprises
  • Eliminates rogue spending
  • Offers 100 percent visibility
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Our Excellent IT Procurement Program Provides The Following Features

Operating a procurement program should be as simple as sending an email.

Having this feature saves the company time — and time is money. Employees using a program with an unfriendly interface could potentially cost the company money at various points in the procurement process.

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Benefits of Using Procurement Software

Utilizing a procurement program within an enterprise has many advantages, such as:

Reduced Cost

Using a procurement app saves the organization by leveraging volume buying, preventing duplicate spending, and saving on costs related to paper-based systems, such as the cost of stamps to mail important documents.

Improved Spend Visibility

Companies that do not have a precise view of their spending profile are likely to miss opportunities and savings to restructure their supplier portfolio. Having a procurement program enables centralized tracking of transactions, as well as comprehensive reporting of purchase requests, processed orders, and payments.

Increased Transaction Speed

The speed of procurement transactions rises, as the electronic handling of tasks simplifies and supports the purchasing process. Procurement cycle times are faster than usual, allowing the organization to focus more of their time on other important tasks.

Higher Productivity

Digital procurement takes less time than manual or traditional procurement. Organizations can store their records electronically, making it simple to submit reusable tenders. On top of that, they can use digital templates to fill out paperwork more quickly.

Transparent Spending

Conducting the procurement process electronically makes it easy for companies to analyze and write reports on their procurement systems. Businesses can make sure that their procedures on procurement adhere to the policies.

Reduced Errors

Checking for errors is easy when the paperwork is electronic. Additionally, employees can easily reference previous orders. This means that there’s a higher likelihood that the company can perform an order comparison to make sure that the new orders are correct.

Standardized Buying

Enterprises with multiple departments making procurement decisions may have differences in how they purchase goods. Performing purchasing electronically makes it easy for various departments to comply with the procurement standards set by the organization.

Digitize Your Procurement Activities

Enterprises looking for procurement software to satisfy the needs of their business can go to Stave Apps.

Stave Procurement digitizes your procurement activities, including:

  • Sourcing
  • Purchasing
  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Category and spend management
  • Vendor management
  • Payment approvals

Using guided workflows and an intuitive system, our procurement process delivers great benefits to your organization, such as reduced time to purchase and end-to-end visibility.

Procurement Software
Additional ProcurementPath Capabilities


Put your user in control of their procurement experience with intuitive self-service capability

Fully Mobile

Fully mobile user experience is responsive and works across web browsers, phones, tables, and more

ERP Integration

Fully integrates with your ERP and other major systems.

ServiceNow Vendor Risk Management

Fully integrates with ServiceNow Vendor Risk Management

Workflow & Task Management

Assign and automate workflow and taskers to drive accountability

Dashboards & Reporting

Dashboards and reports provide key information, insights and reporting

Knowledge & Skills Management

Manage the procurement department skills and knowledge in a centralized repository

ServiceNow Vendor Performance Management

Fully integrates with ServiceNow Vendor Performance Management

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