Resolve to Reduce Your Email

The new year is well-under way. How are your resolutions going? If you’re like me, one of my goals has been to reduce the amount of emails I send and receive. When you think about it, most emails are just a waste of time.

And I absolutely hate when I’m trying to troubleshoot a work problem with my team and I simply get buried under a slew of useless “Reply All” messages. Everyone always feels that he or she must reply, even if there’s nothing important to add. By the time you get a message with helpful information, it’s way down at the bottom of your inbox and may get missed.

Let’s face it, using email as a group collaboration tool sucks. But email was never designed for that, so can you really blame it?

What we should be using are digital workflow tools, like OperationsPath, an app powered by the ServiceNow platform. Tools like OperationsPath introduce new and modern ways for multiple people to communicate digitally in real-time, with automated workflows and device notification preferences. So you can filter out replies from everyone unless they can actually help you.

Take your operations and administrative functions to the next level this year with OperationsPath. Click the link below to sign up for a free, no obligation online demo.


 Here’s a two-minute video about OperationsPath





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