Maps Information Sheet

Stave Maps is a flexible and configurable integration to display any location-based record in ServiceNow® on maps from Esri® ArcGIS Online™ and Google® Maps™.

Infographic: 6 Facts About ServiceNow

Now in infographic form.  Think you know all of ServiceNow’s corporate secrets?  Check out these six bits of corporate trivia and lore.  How many did you know about?

Compliance in the Cloud for HR Data

The landscape regarding protecting sensitive data – such as the data managed by Human Resources organizations – is changing. The advent of the Software-as-a-Service model for Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) has meant that the data has moved to “the cloud”, a term referring to an outsourced datacenter managed by someone outside your organization. With […]

Application Scope Break Down

Application Scope: Determines which of an app’s resources are available to other parts of the system so that it does not unintentionally impact another application.

Stave Maps Breakdown

Esri: World leader in enterprise-grade map and geolocation data. Stave Maps gives users the ability for the 1st time to see ServiceNow data on an Esri map.

Esri Maps in ServiceNow

Combine best-of-breed ITSM and GIS by integrating Esri ArcGIS Online Maps into ServiceNow.  For the first time, see ServiceNow data on an Esri Map.

In-n-Out & Your Enterprise

Can’t your employees have the same simple, user-based experience at work that they have at In-n-Out?

More About Shadow Clouds…

Shadow Clouds Lower Efficiency & Effectiveness Within Enterprises…What You Can Do to Eliminate Shadow Clouds.