Fleet Management, Maintenance, and Tracking Made Simple

Easily manage and optimize your fleet operations to maximize availability, reduce unexpected repairs, and lower maintenance costs

What Can Fleet Managers Do To Streamline Fleet Operations?

Keeping a fleet fully operational and safe requires tracking and managing a complex set of information in an ever-changing environment.

In addition to tracking fleet condition, location, and availability of every asset, a fleet manager must truly manage the fleet lifecycle from acquisition to deposition, including:

  • Manage the fleet check-in/out process
  • Align fleet requests to work order and other organization tasks
  • Assure completion of preventative and reactive maintenance
  • Maintain maintenance and parts inventory
  • Track deadlines and status for inspections and certifications
  • Manage fleet warranty items
  • Manage operator availability, capabilities, and history, including skills and certifications
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Benefits of Our Fleet Management Solutions

Implementing our AssetPath Fleet management provides a number of benefits, including:

Easy-to-use, Automated Solution

For fleet management, tracking, availability, maintenance, warranty, repair, and more.

Our modern fleet operations and management software will:

  • Help increase fleet availability
  • Help increase management productivity
  • Help decrease risk due to legacy fleet management

Stave Fleet Management provides end-to-end automation and operational reporting to support long-term fleet lifecycle management from acquisition to disposition.

Fleet Management Solutions
Key Capabilities Include:
Automated Fleet Management Solutions

Full Asset Management & Maintenance Solution

That allows Fleet Managers to:

  • Manage your fleet in real-time, tracking vehicles and fleet assets from acquisition to disposition.
  • Proactively address potential issues before they impact availability and costs through real-time, end-to-end, and roll-up visibility
  • Reduce fleet maintenance parts and labor with complete maintenance records for every vehicle
  • Decrease expenses as you maximize fleet availability through preventative maintenance
  • Reduce liability and risk by maximizing fleet security and safety

Built on the best-in-class ServiceNow platform

AssetPath streamlines fleet management using workflow and data to drive flexible, mobile, and cloud-based self-service and automation.