Stave Data Tools is Live in the ServiceNow Store

Our latest app, Stave Data Tools, is now available in the ServiceNow Store for all enterprise customers.  Data Tools is a packaged offering that includes data masking, scrambling, and generating features.  Free trials are available for both your customer instance and in a stand-alone demo instance.

Get started here:
 Stave Data Tools on the ServiceNow Store

This is one of my favorite apps that Stave has released because it solves real-world problems that exist in the ServiceNow community.

  • Data scrambling allows customers to “down-clone” their production instance over one of their sub-production instances while still protecting sensitive product data.
  • The data generator creates realistic, contexual-aware, and ITSM-themed sample data so that you can accurately test any of your custom applications before you migrate to your production environment.
  • Data masking — and this is huge — is a fast and easy way to stop any specific type of data from being entered into your instance.  This can be social security numbers, profanity, secret IP addresses, or anything custom.  This is better than encryption and solves your cloud governance and privacy issues once and for all.

Data Tools is also the first certified and published security app available in the ServiceNow Store.

Let us know what you think about Stave Data Tools and how you think could use it in your enterprise today.


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