Take the Risk Management Framework from Months to Days

It can take weeks – or even months – to properly initiate and follow NIST Special Publication 800-37 aka the Risk Management Framework (RMF). This crucial guidance has been tailored by many enterprise and mid-size organizations to ensure the right security controls in place.

While every organization would like to think they’re handling the process correctly, the truth is many are not. Stave Cybersecurity Manager analyzes security systems to find risk gaps, and frequently reveals thousands of vulnerabilities in the average company – not to mention major productivity issues that cause the process to be painfully slow.

Let’s look at how Stave Cybersecurity Manager can speed up the execution of the RMF process in your organization and ensure elevated security compliance for your organization.

Real-Time Vulnerability and Security Posture Tracking and Insights

With a robust array of integrations and ability to ingest vulnerability bulletins and announcements, Cybersecurity Manager provides real-time tracking, analysis, and reporting tools, this provides you clear insight into the issues behind your security posture and any RMF compliance risks. There’s no guesswork.

See Remediation activities and stats as they’re happening and generate follow-up reports that inform stakeholders on the remediation process and support ongoing continuous monitoring.

Guided, Step-by-Step RMF Workflows

Cybersecurity manager provides step-by-step RMF process directed guided by the system with integrated assignments. Each person involved will have a defined list of tasks to address. This tracking of tasks and activities enables accelerated progress by preventing productivity slowdowns.  This includes uncertain task assignments and due dates, inadvertently assigning multiple people to the same task (or no one), and notifications to prevent the need to manually track to see if steps have been completed and approved. Cybersecurity Manager keeps everyone on track and in-step.

Manage System Cybersecurity Information Centrally

Stave Cybersecurity Manager allows you to develop a complete Systems Security Package (SSP) recommended by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Risk Management Framework.   

Manage the system profile and examine a vulnerabilities summary that shows your organization risks before, during, and after the authorization & assessment process has taken place. This means you can identify, track, and close your open vulnerabilities with complete confidence. To learn more about vulnerability gaps, watch this short Stave video about cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Ensuring Cybersecurity Compliance

Above all, your organization can use Stave Cybersecurity Manager to ensure compliance with both the NIST SP 800-37 RMF process and ensure the security compliance of your individual systems.  

When auditors and government inspectors come calling, you’ll have a modern, centralized, Cybersecurity and RMF management system that provides any information they may need and can definitively illustrate your security posture.

Workflows to ensure Remedidation Standardization & Speed

After vulnerabilities or other compliance issues is identified, Stave Cybersecurity Manager can automatically provide users with a clear remediation process to follow to resolve the identified issues.

Your organization can streamline resolution activities by following standardized workflows, tailored for your organization, that ensure remediation steps are completed and provide task completion visibility.

Secure, ISO and SSAE Certified Cloud-Based System

Cybersecurity Manager is a web-based platform that operates from the cloud in on ServiceNow’s NonStop Cloud.  The platform is certified by ISO 27001 and 27018, SSAE Type 1 and 2, FedRAMP, and more.

For you, it means your RMF process execution can be completed with increased speed, security, and ease of use. Cloud-based platforms don’t rely on your internal company network to operate, which provides platform diversification for your security.

With Stave Cybersecurity Manager, your company can run a tight ship and maintain a firm hold on security. The result is an efficient system that always keeps risk to an absolute minimum.

Ready to use Stave Cybersecurity Manager to streamline the RMF process? Connect with Stave or go try it out in the ServiceNow Store.

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