Using the ServiceNow Store with EXPRESS Edition


ServiceNow Express customers receive a couple advantages with their deployment.  They get ITIL best-practice processes built-in.  They get best-of-breed ITSM cloud applications, and they get a reduced training and administrative overhead of the ServiceNow tool.

What Express customers didn’t have until now were apps.

While ServiceNow Enterprise Edition has always allowed customers the ability to “peel back the hood” and develop their own applications within the underlying platform, and a more-streamlined and cost-effective way to install 3rd-party apps through the ServiceNow Store, this functionality was lacking in Express.

Now, that’s changed.  ServiceNow has recently added an Express section to the ServiceNow Store.  This gives customers the ability to instantly download new applications and capabilities within their existing cloud deployment.  These new apps are already pre-integrated, and adopt the same great user experience found in the rest of ServiceNow.

Stave is excited to be part of the Express Store launch with our Express Portal app.  We’re one of the first 6 (of many) software vendors with solutions on the Express Store and we understand the great things to come.


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