McDonald’s Unifies Back-Office with Stave Apps’ Global Service Portal

Stave’s PortalMax provides mobility and customization at a global scale.

With restaurants in more than 100 countries, McDonald’s has one of the most recognized logos in the world. Supporting a brand of this magnitude places daunting demands on back-office service infrastructure.


An evaluation by the IT team revealed that their service portal was feeling the strain. The interface was cumbersome to use, and they encountered defects in search results and rendering of catalog items. Some regional teams were evaluating the option of launching independent portals as a stop-gap solution. McDonald’s needed to resolve usability and reliability issues and increase adoption of the global portal.


When searching for a solution, the McDonald’s team focused on three requirements: scalability, ease-of-use, and an accelerated turn-up schedule. They needed to be operational in a time-frame significantly shorter than the three to six months typically required for a project with this global scope.


Their search led them to Stave’s PortalMax, the turnkey, mobile-ready, self-service portal application powered by the ServiceNow® platform. The Stave team worked with the McDonald’s IT team to get the system designed, installed, tested and running in North America, Latin America, South America, Australia, France, and the U.K., supporting English, Spanish, and French. They delivered a brand-new customer-centric experience in four weeks, cutting months off the industry-standard schedule.


McDonald’s is now operating a single, standardized Service Portal that scales to meet the demands of their global footprint, provides an intuitive interface that works on any device, and allows code-free customization to address local needs quickly. As the global scope grows and changes, all modifications and changes can be made in-house with standardized and simple editing tools, without the need to re-engage designers.

Key Highlights

  • Rapid Deployment: What is typically a three to six-month project was accelerated to under four weeks.
  • Global Scale: Portal serves multiple locations in more than 100 countries and multiple languages.
  • Local Focus: Mobile-ready solution supports localized customization.
  • Reduced Training Costs: Exposed Guided Tours reduced the training costs by over 20 percent.

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