Stave Asset Manager

Complete Asset Lifecycle Management From Acquisition To Disposition

Improve Efficiency & Decrease Operating Costs 

Improve Efficiency & Decrease Operating Costs 

From vehicles to tools, furniture to equipment, facilities, and everything inside them, Stave Asset Manager helps you manage the intersection of your organization and your assets.

Leave spreadsheets and paper forms behind and manage your assets with a secure, scalable, and easy-to-use solution.

Built on the best-in-class, cloud-based ServiceNow platform, Stave Asset Manager enables your business to:

  • Streamline asset management
  • Have an automated and flexible workflow
  • Have data that is extensible and user-focused

Self-service is mobile. Stave Asset Manager delivers.

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Benefits of Asset Maintenance and Management include

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Stave Asset Manager Features

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Customize dashboards to provide key information, reports, and work assignments in a centralized location for users and managers.

Asset Management

Full lifecycle visibility into all your assets, including condition, physical location, availability, warranty status, and maintenance history.

Asset Chain-Of-Custody & Transfer

An enhancement to the transfer process, asset chain-of-custody ensures that an asset’s location, status, and condition are fully managed throughout its lifecycle. Chain of custody and transfer may be assigned to external organizations for final disposal.

Work Order Management

Create and manage labor assignments, track materials, labor, status, completion easily from the request through the work order.

Asset Inventory Management

Check out, return, adjust, and move inventory items to ensure the necessary parts are available. Reduce the carrying costs of excess inventory and unused assets.


Enable online ordering and/or purchasing using the simple catalog for inventory, or part requests. Tie orders to vendors, assets, work orders, or projects. Streamline using an automated approval process.

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