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Complete Asset Lifecycle Management - From Acquisition To Disposition

Stave Asset Manager, powered by the robust ServiceNow platform, offers a comprehensive solution tailored to efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of assets, from acquisition to disposition.

Stave Asset Manager is designed to empower you with seamless control over a diverse range of assets, spanning vehicles, tools, furniture, equipment, supplies, and even IT assets. Gone are the days of struggling with spreadsheets and paper forms – Stave Asset Manager brings you a secure, scalable, and user-friendly approach to asset management.

Unlike other solutions, Stave Asset Manager is purpose-built to excel in asset lifecycle management, focusing exclusively on areas such as operational management, inventory control, and asset optimization.

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Asset Management Capabilities

Streamlining Workflows on ServiceNow

The Dashboards feature in Stave Asset Manager offers a powerful visual representation of critical asset management insights. With customizable dashboards, users and managers can access key information, real-time reports, and work assignments all in one centralized location. This intuitive tool enhances decision-making by providing a comprehensive overview of asset performance, maintenance status, inventory levels, and more.

Stave Asset Manager provides a robust set of asset management features that streamline the entire asset lifecycle. From creation to retirement, this comprehensive solution offers functionalities such as work order management, inventory tracking, resource management, and planned maintenance. It empowers users to efficiently manage labor assignments, track materials, monitor asset health, and prevent costly downtime through predictive maintenance. With the ability to create online catalogs, automate workflows, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards, Stave Asset Manager simplifies the complex task of asset management. 

This innovative functionality allows enterprises to fully monitor an asset’s journey throughout its entire lifecycle. From its initial acquisition to eventual retirement or disposal, every step is meticulously tracked, ensuring complete transparency and accountability. This feature is accelerated through Stave’s StandardizedPro, enabling seamless collaboration among teams and departments. With the ability to manage an asset’s location, status, and condition in real-time, organizations can make informed decisions, prevent loss, and maintain compliance. 

Work Order Management feature empowers enterprises with streamlined control over their maintenance operations. In conjunction with our other tool, Stave Fleet Manager, this feature enables the create and manage work assignments, facilitate efficient tracking of labor, materials, status, and completion. Whether it’s scheduled maintenance, repairs, or routine inspections, the this feature ensures that every task is organized and executed effectively. By offering a centralized platform for assigning and monitoring work orders, organizations can reduce downtime, improve asset reliability, and enhance overall operational efficiency

A core function of Stave Asset Manager that empowers enterprises to effectively manage and control their inventory items. Check out, return, adjust, and move inventory items. This feature ensures that necessary parts and resources are always available. Through its user-friendly interface, teams can easily track the movement of inventory items, maintain accurate stock levels, and reduce the risk of stockouts or overstock situations. It supports efficient supply chain management, minimizes waste, and enhances overall resource utilization. This essential capability streamlines procurement processes, reduces costs, and contributes to the smooth operation of various business functions

Stave Asset Manager’s Purchasing feature empowers organizations to enable online ordering and purchasing through a simple catalog for inventory or part requests. This capability streamlines the procurement process by providing users with a user-friendly platform to order necessary assets and supplies. By digitizing and automating the purchasing workflow, businesses can accelerate procurement cycles, reduce manual errors, and enhance overall procurement efficiency. This feature also integrates with Stave’s Procurement Manager and Buy It solutions, further extending the capabilities for comprehensive procurement management.

Use ‘Stave Procurement Manager’ to manage the full contract lifecycle from the request, negotiation an award to tracking, reporting, and closeout. Proactively manage all aspects of your contracts including modifications, spend, clauses, terms and conditions, option periods, upcoming expirations, compliance, and other contract documentation.

Warranty Compliance ManagementThe Warranty Management feature of Stave Asset Manager brings a new level of assurance to your asset management strategy. With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly track and manage warranties for all your equipment and assets. No longer worry about missing warranty expirations and facing unexpected repair costs. The Warranty Management feature allows you to stay proactive by receiving timely notifications for upcoming warranty expirations. This ensures that you can take full advantage of warranties, saving you money and minimizing disruptions caused by unexpected breakdowns. Say goodbye to the complexities of warranty tracking – Stave Asset Manager’s Warranty Management feature has you covered, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on optimizing your operations.

Stave Asset Manager streamlines the entire lifecycle of your assets. From the moment an asset is acquired to its eventual retirement, this feature ensures efficient tracking and management. When assets are commissioned, you can effortlessly record all relevant information, such as purchase details, warranties, and usage instructions. This not only simplifies initial setup but also enhances accountability. On the flip side, when it’s time to decommission assets, the process is equally smooth. You can retire assets with confidence, knowing that all compliance and disposal requirements are met. This end-to-end visibility and control reduce the risk of errors, optimize asset utilization, and contribute to overall operational excellence. Stave Asset Manager’s Asset Commissioning & Decommissioning feature empowers you to make informed decisions at every stage of an asset’s life, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

Asset Commissioning

Stave Asset Manager places the power of asset management directly into the hands of your users. With this feature, your employees can easily request assets, report issues, or initiate asset transfers—all without the need for direct IT or administrative intervention. Users can access a portal where they can browse the catalog of assets, check asset availability, and even request assets based on their specific needs. This feature promotes accountability, as users can view the status of their requests and track the assets they’ve been assigned. 

Asset disposal processStave Asset Manager facilitates the responsible and efficient retirement or disposal of assets that are no longer needed or have reached the end of their lifecycle. This feature streamlines the process of identifying surplus or obsolete assets, ensuring they are properly documented, evaluated, and disposed of in compliance with relevant regulations. Asset Disposition helps organizations minimize the risks associated with outdated or redundant assets, such as data security breaches or environmental concerns. It provides a structured workflow for decision-making, allowing stakeholders to assess whether an asset should be retired, sold, donated, recycled, or otherwise disposed of. Organizations can free up valuable storage space, reduce maintenance costs, and make more informed decisions about future asset investments, ultimately contributing to improved financial and operational performance.

Asses Management Condition Based Monitoring​Conditional-Based Monitoring, a core feature of Stave Asset Manager, revolutionizes asset management by enabling real-time asset health tracking and proactive maintenance. This dynamic function allows assets to relay performance data to trigger maintenance tasks automatically when specific conditions are met. By shifting from reactive to predictive maintenance, organizations can optimize asset lifespan, minimize downtime, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiency. Stave Asset Manager’s Conditional-Based Monitoring empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions and ensure assets are always in peak condition, aligning asset management with strategic objectives.

Skills Management​Stave Asset Manager introduces a comprehensive Skills Management module, which streamlines and enhances skills tracking and allocation within your organization. This feature allows you to efficiently manage and update employee skills, certifications, and training records. You can easily match the right skills with specific tasks and assignments, ensuring optimal workforce deployment. By centralizing skills data and automating skill-to-task matching, Stave Asset Manager simplifies resource allocation, reduces skill gaps, and improves workforce productivity. This module provides a valuable tool for organizations to effectively leverage their workforce’s expertise and keep skills aligned with evolving business needs, promoting operational excellence.

asset uptime and reliabilityPredictive MaintenanceStave Asset Manager revolutionizes maintenance strategies with its Predictive and Planned Maintenance capabilities. Predictive Maintenance employs advanced analytics and IoT data to predict equipment failures before they happen, enabling proactive interventions to prevent costly breakdowns. Planned Maintenance allows you to schedule routine maintenance tasks efficiently, ensuring equipment reliability and prolonging asset lifecycles. Together, these features optimize maintenance operations, reduce downtime, and cut operational costs. With Stave Asset Manager, your organization can achieve a new level of asset reliability and efficiency, enhancing overall productivity and minimizing disruptions.

resource availability managementStave Asset Manager offers a versatile solution for resource management that encompasses everything from internal personnel to external vendors, software, hardware, and more. It serves as a comprehensive platform for optimizing your resource allocation, ensuring that the right people and assets are deployed precisely where and when they’re needed. This dynamic approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also fosters collaboration among various resource providers, streamlining processes, reducing costs, and ultimately driving your organization’s success. With Stave Asset Manager, you can efficiently manage a diverse array of resources, making it a valuable tool for ensuring that your company’s needs are met with precision and agility.


Elevating Operational Efficiency

In a landscape of dynamic business environments, the role of effective asset management has never been more crucial. From the bustling realm of manufacturing to the intricate domain of healthcare, the proper handling of assets is the cornerstone of operational efficiency. Stave Asset Manager emerges as a versatile solution that meets the diverse asset management needs across industries, empowering professionals to excel in their roles.

Customer Feedback:

Question: How has your experience been working with Stave Asset Manager?
Answer: "Since we implemented Stave Asset Manager, our operations have become significantly more streamlined and we've seen a remarkable reduction in downtime. The ability to effortlessly manage our assets, track warranties, and ensure compliance has been a game-changer for us. Your product has exceeded our expectations, and it's clear that the team at Stave has a deep understanding of the challenges we face in our industry. Stave Asset Manager has proven to be an invaluable tool, and we look forward to continued success with it."

Question: Would you recommend Stave Asset Manager?
Answer: "Yes, if you're on ServiceNow, this is the solution you've been waiting for."
Chief Operations Officer
Global Manufacturing Organization

Built on ServiceNow:

Stave Asset Manager is a core product in the Stave suite of solutions, designed to enhance the value you derive from the ServiceNow platform. By seamlessly integrating Stave Asset Manager with other Stave offerings like Stave Buy It, StandardizedPro, Stave Procurement Manager, Stave Fleet Manager, Stave QR Code Generator, Stave Data Tools, and Stave Maps, you can simply transform your data into actionable insights across multiple domains, streamlining operations and enabling data-driven decision-making. 

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