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Stave ‘Buy It’ is a powerful application that enhances the ServiceNow experience by connecting users with immediate access to global marketplaces. With ‘Buy It’, requesters can easily browse the marketplaces for the items they need and submit requests for approvals and workflows, all without ever actually leaving their ServiceNow account. Once the requests are approved, the purchasing team can finalize orders back to the marketplace with just one click. 

Stave Buy It is priced for easy approvals, highly adaptable to your current workflows, and requires minimal configuration effort.

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Browse & Purchase Millions of Products from within your ServiceNow

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Here's What 'Buy It' Does
and How It Works...

Who doesn’t want to be the hero that streamlines your company’s procurement process and enhances compliance? Discover ‘Buy It’ – the solution that empowers you to save time, increase productivity, and elevate your impact on the business. Explore the power of ‘Buy It’ today and become a procurement champion!

Here’s a simple breakdown of how ‘Buy It’ changed procurement management on the Now Platform…

1. Login Once to ServiceNow
The integration with multiple provider single sign-on allows users to log in just once to ServiceNow and explore all the marketplaces, saving time and streamlining the procurement process

2. Shop Global Marketplaces
With ‘Buy It’, users can easily access a curated Global Marketplaces catalog of over 100 million items directly from their ServiceNow

3. Automate Approvals
‘Buy It’ automates purchase requests and purchase order approvals using the Now platform workflows and approvals. With streamlined approvals, the application simplifies the procurement process and saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent on complicated procurement operations.

4. Automate Record Keeping
‘Buy It’ provides end-to-end visibility into your procurement operations, including automated record keeping. The application allows you to easily track the progress of purchase requests and orders, enhancing visibility and helping ensure compliance with procurement policies and regulations. With ‘Buy It’, you can rest assured that your procurement operations are streamlined and compliant. The data collected during this stage provides tremendous value to the downstream operations for Asset & Security Management teams. 

5. Full Tracking Transparency
‘Buy It’ allows you to monitor the status of your purchase requests and orders in real time. You can easily identify and address any issues that arise during the procurement process, ensuring the timely delivery of goods and services. ‘Buy It’ streamlines the procurement process, saves time and resources, and enhances the efficiency and accuracy of your procurement operations.

6. Make Everyone Happy
‘Buy It’ streamlines procurement operations by automating workflows, providing easy access to curated catalogs, and ensuring full tracking transparency. The results? Increased productivity, higher employee satisfaction, and improved bottom line. It also helps mitigate the risk of maverick buying to help avoid overspending for products. By reducing costs and enhancing operational efficiency, ‘Buy It’ helps your company achieve its financial goals.

Stave's 'Buy It' Integration with Amazon Business is Now Available on the ServiceNow Store!

The Stave ‘Buy It’ Integration with Amazon Business Brings Next-Generation Procurement to ServiceNow

Exciting news for businesses looking to streamline their procurement processes and optimize their spending! Stave Inc., a leading provider of solutions for ServiceNow, has announced a groundbreaking integration with the Now platform that unlocks unparalleled purchasing power for businesses of all sizes. By combining ServiceNow’s impressive automation capabilities with Stave’s innovative ‘Buy It’ solution, users can now access and shop on Amazon Business like never before.

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