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Discover Stave’s cutting-edge solution, StandardizedPro, designed to revolutionize enterprise asset management. Standardized Pro offers a comprehensive suite of features and capabilities that optimize asset lifecycle, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiency. From IT assets to fleet vehicles, facilities, and equipment, Standardized Pro empowers organizations to streamline asset management processes and unlock the full potential of their enterprise assets. Benefit from rationalization and compliance, workflow automation, enriched data insights, and more. Explore the power of Standardized Pro and unlock new levels of efficiency and effectiveness in your asset management practices.

Intelligent Data Rationalization and Decision-Making: Optimizing Enterprise Asset Management

StandardizedPro acts as an intelligent data rationalization and decision-making tool rather than performing the specific functions of fleet, facilities, contract, or enterprise asset management software.

StandardizedPro empowers end users to leverage and rationalize data from various asset management systems, such as fleet management, facilities management, contract management, and enterprise asset management platforms. By consolidating and enriching the data, StandardizedPro provides users with a holistic view of their assets and enables them to make informed decisions and initiate automated workflows based on the intelligence derived from the data.

This data-driven approach allows organizations to optimize their asset management processes, identify areas for improvement, and take proactive actions to streamline operations, reduce costs, and mitigate risks. By leveraging the power of data rationalization and intelligent decision-making, StandardizedPro enhances the value and effectiveness of existing asset management systems, enabling organizations to achieve better outcomes and operational efficiencies.

It is important to note that while StandardizedPro doesn’t directly perform the functions of fleet, facilities, contract, or enterprise asset management software, it acts as a catalyst that empowers end users to make better decisions and drive more effective asset management practices across their organization.

Who Benefits Most From StandardizedPro?

Standardized Pro can provide the following individuals with the tools and capabilities to rationalize asset data, make informed decisions, automate workflows, and improve overall asset management practices.

These job titles represent key roles within organizations responsible for strategic decision-making, asset management, procurement, compliance, risk mitigation, and financial oversight. They are the stakeholders who are invested in optimizing asset management processes, reducing costs, ensuring compliance, and maximizing the value of enterprise assets.

Chief Information Officer (CIO):

The integration with multiple provider single sign-on allows users to log in just once to ServiceNow and explore all the marketplaces, saving time and streamlining the procurement process

Chief Technology Officer (CTO):

Leverages data rationalization to drive effective decision-making and streamline asset operations.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO):

Maximizes cost savings, improves financial controls, and mitigates risks associated with enterprise assets.

Director of IT:

Enhances asset visibility, optimizes resource allocation, and improves asset lifecycle management.

Director of Procurement:

Streamlines procurement workflows, enforces compliance standards, and reduces procurement risks.

Director of Facilities Management:

Improves facilities asset utilization, reduces maintenance costs, and enhances operational efficiency.

Director of Asset Management:

Enhances asset data visibility, rationalizes asset portfolios, and optimizes asset performance.

Asset Manager:

Centralizes asset information, automates asset rationalization, and enables proactive maintenance planning.

Procurement Manager:

Ensures compliance with procurement policies, streamlines vendor management, and reduces purchasing risks.

IT Manager:

Optimizes IT asset utilization, improves asset tracking, and facilitates strategic decision-making for IT resources.

Facilities Manager:

Enhances facilities asset planning, streamlines maintenance processes, and reduces downtime.

Contract Manager:

Manages contract compliance, reduces contract risks, and improves contract lifecycle management.

Compliance Officer:

Enforces regulatory compliance, reduces non-compliance risks, and improves audit readiness.

Risk Manager:

Mitigates operational risks, ensures compliance with risk management protocols, and enhances risk assessment capabilities.

Operations Manager:

Optimizes operational efficiency, improves asset utilization, and reduces operational costs.

Finance Manager:

Enhances financial controls, optimizes budget allocation, and drives cost savings through effective asset management.

IT Analyst:

Leverages data insights to identify asset optimization opportunities and supports informed decision-making.

Business Analyst:

Analyzes asset data, identifies process improvement areas, and drives operational efficiencies.

Solution Architect:

Designs asset management solutions, ensures seamless integration with existing systems, and enhances overall enterprise architecture.

Enterprise Architect:

Aligns asset management strategy with overall enterprise architecture, drives standardization, and optimizes resource allocation.

ServiceNow Administrator:

Maximizes the value of ServiceNow platform, configures asset management workflows, and ensures smooth operations.

See How StandardizedPro Empowers ServiceNow Users

With Standardized Pro, Enterprises achieve significant improvements in their asset management practices. They gain comprehensive visibility, streamline processes, ensure compliance, and optimize asset usage across their organization. The solution empowers them to make informed decisions, reduce risks, and enhance operational efficiency, ultimately driving better financial outcomes and delivering value to their stakeholders. Here’s a sample of how it can work for you…  

Let’s Call This Sample Company “Corporation Inc.” 

Corporation Inc.  is a large multinational company with diverse operations across various sectors, including manufacturing, facilities management, and IT services. They have a complex landscape of enterprise assets, including IT assets, fleet vehicles, facilities, and equipment. Corporation Inc.  is looking for a solution to streamline their asset management processes, improve visibility, and optimize asset usage across their organization.

Corporation Inc.  faces several challenges in their asset management operations. They lack a centralized system to track and manage their diverse range of assets effectively. This leads to inefficiencies, redundancies, and increased procurement and provisioning risks. They need a solution that can rationalize their assets, improve compliance, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce ongoing costs.

Corporation Inc. implements Standardized Pro as their enterprise asset management solution. Here’s how Standardized Pro helps address their challenges and deliver value:

  • Comprehensive Asset Visibility:
    Standardized Pro provides Corporation Inc. with a unified view of their enterprise assets, including IT assets, fleet vehicles, facilities, and equipment. It captures essential asset data, such as location, age, function, and ownership, giving them a holistic understanding of their asset portfolio.
  • Asset Rationalization:
    With Standardized Pro’s analysis capabilities, Corporation Inc. can identify redundant or underutilized assets. They can make informed decisions on asset rationalization, optimizing their asset portfolio, and reducing ongoing provisioning and procurement costs.
  • Compliance and Risk Management:
    Standardized Pro promotes compliance standards by enforcing packaging and provisioning workflows based on industry best practices. It helps Corporation Inc. ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate risks, and adhere to procurement policies, reducing potential liabilities and improving overall risk management.
  • Enhanced Workflow Automation:
    Standardized Pro enables Corporation Inc. to automate workflows related to software and hardware provisioning, ensuring consistent and efficient processes. It reduces manual efforts, enhances productivity, and minimizes the risk of errors or inconsistencies in asset management operations.
  • Streamlined Procurement and Provisioning:
    With Standardized Pro, Corporation Inc. can streamline their procurement and provisioning processes for enterprise assets. The solution provides insights into asset data, including licensing information, warranties, and maintenance schedules, enabling better decision-making and reducing procurement risks.
  • Improved Asset Performance:

    By leveraging the contextual views and enriched data provided by Standardized Pro, Corporation Inc. gains valuable insights into asset performance. They can monitor asset health, track usage patterns, and proactively address maintenance needs, optimizing asset performance and extending their lifespan.

  • Optimized Asset Usage and Value:
    Standardized Pro helps Corporation Inc. optimize asset usage and maximize the value of their enterprise assets. By identifying underutilized assets, they can reallocate resources and make data-driven decisions for better asset utilization, resulting in cost savings and improved operational efficiency.


With Standardized Pro, Corporation Inc. achieves significant improvements in their enterprise asset management practices. They gain comprehensive visibility, streamline processes, ensure compliance, and optimize asset usage across their organization. The solution empowers them to make informed decisions, reduce risks, and enhance operational efficiency, ultimately driving better financial outcomes and delivering value to their stakeholders.

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