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Stave is committed to fostering a successful relationship with ServiceNow and helping expand the platform beyond IT. This page is dedicated to providing our ServiceNow partners with all the resources and support needed to for a positive experience with any Stave engagement.

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Make procurement easy for users and the organization by automating sourcing, contract lifecycle management, purchasing, and payment activities. Guided procurement provides automated processes, end-to-end visibility, decreased timelines, and increases your organization’s efficiency and satisfaction.


Proactively manage all aspects of acquisition, tracking, scheduling, maintenance, repair, reporting, auditing and disposition of your assets.


Cybersecurity Manager delivers an integrated and automated Federal Risk Management Framework (RMF) capability to accelerate compliance, automate the Authority to Operate (ATO) process, provide compliance tracking and insight, and automate remediation workflow and reporting.


Rapidly deploy user-centric portals to deliver an amazing and easy to use customer experience. PortalMax provides a collection of ServiceNow portals, themes, widgets, and templates designed to enhance your brand, your the user’s experience and drive increased user adoption.