End-To-End Cybersecurity Risk Management Automation

Automate the assessment & authorization (A&A) and continuous
monitoring requirements of the cybersecurity risk management framework (RMF).

Delivering A Modern Web-based Capability

Cybersecurity Manager delivers a modern web-based capability to:

  • Automate the NIST SP 800-37 RMF process
  • Accelerate compliance
  • Define remediation workflows
  • Provide real-time tracking, insight, and reporting

Organizations follow a guided, step-by-step process to complete and download a comprehensive security plan and System Security Package (SSP).

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Outcomes That You Can Expect

Complete the entire Assessment & Authorization (A&A) process requirements in days, not months

Easily follow a guided process to record and document your complete System Security Package (SSP)
Download a completed System Security Package (SSP) directly for review, auditing, and submission
Continuously monitor your information systems and stay up-to-date on vulnerabilities with real-time IAVA and IAVB reports from U.S. Cyber Command
Maintain full situational awareness with graphical charts, reports, and dashboards, available on mobile devices, workstations, and command center screens

Cybersecurity Risk Management Features

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Guided Walkthrough Of The System Security Package (SSP) Process

Create a complete SSP in a downloadable format that thoroughly documents your organization’s information systems, environment and architecture, risk management report, and organizational approval process.

Cybersecurity Risk Management Automation
Vulnerability Compliance and Remediation Tracking
Vulnerability Compliance & Remediation Tracking

Manage and track compliance with information assurance vulnerability alerts and bulletins (IAVA and IAVB) automatically and map mitigation activities against the systems and equipment deployed in your organization.

Compliance Task Management

Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG) act as a cybersecurity methodology for standardizing security protocols within networks, servers, computers, and logical designs. Implement all STIGs with automatically-generated compliance tasks, complete with assignment rules and deadlines to enhance security for software, hardware, physical and logical architectures to reduce vulnerabilities.

Compliance Task Management
Plan Of Action & Milestones Automation

Automatically create and assign Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) to plan the resolution of information security vulnerabilities. POA&Ms can including detailed lists of the resources, task milestones, and scheduled completion dates.

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