Data Center Asset Management

Data Center Asset Visibility, Tracking, and Maintenance Management

Manage & Maintain Your Data Center Facilities Assets

Stave AssetPath provides data center and IT facility managers an automated and collaborative solution for:

  • Asset tracking
  • Inventory
  • Maintenance planning and execution
  • Warranty management
  • and more
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Automated & Guided Asset Management Solution

Expensive DCIM solutions can be used, but aren’t built with the asset manager in mind.

AssetPath enables Data Center and IT Facilities groups to:

  • Collaboratively manage assets, resources, and other data center elements based on your organization’s business rules.
  • Automate the entire asset management process
  • Enhance planning and communications
  • Manage taskers
  • Gain real-time visibility and control
  • Deliver strong ROI across your entire organization.
Data Center Asset Management

With AssetPath for Data Center Asset Management, You Can:

Collaborate directly through the consumer-like interface

Manage future and current demand, execution, and risks

Ensure the buying process is compliant with your procurement policies

Benefits of Our Data Center Asset Management Solutions
End-to-End Management

Comprehensive database details the location, age, condition, warranty, and service requests for all fixed assets across all locations.

Complete Visibility

End-to-end understanding of assets, status, locations, future, and historical maintenance.

Minimize Errors

Each Asset can be uniquely identified for assurance that the correct item is being managed and maintained.

Lower TCO

Clarity into maintenance spend for each asset and when it is time to replace.


Identify equipment repair trends or patterns, such as brands with higher than average repair calls or costs.

Increased Asset Uptime & Availability

Increased asset availability and decreased unplanned maintenance.

Standardized Buying

Enterprises with multiple departments making procurement decisions may have differences in how they purchase goods. Performing purchasing electronically makes it easy for various departments to comply with the procurement standards set by the organization.

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AssetPath Features
Knowledge & Document Management

Manage IT data center and facility knowledge, documentation, and supporting information.

Location & Space Management

Manage facility locations including data centers, warehouses, parts closets. Assign and transfer equipment between location for real time location and space visibility and planning.

Audit/Compliance Management

Comply with internal and external standards and regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, by managing and auditing all assets and maintenance, complete with user, time, and date-stamped logs.

Warranty Tracking

Monitor warranties for all assets to ensure warrant support, handling procedures, and exception management.

Maintenance Management & Scheduling

Preventive and predictive maintenance capabilities to ensure optimal performance and up-time of your resources.

Lifecycle Management

Manage all aspects of the Assets lifecycle from receiving to disposition with asset management process automation and reporting.

Inventory & Spares Management

Inventory management tracking controls tracking and usage of inventory and spares by type, location, site, depot and more.

Task Management

Assign management and maintenance tasks to ensure continual execution of the activities and individual or group-based accountability.

Asset and Equipment Management and Tracking

Centralized repository provides end-to-end visibility of your assets including resource records, work history and maintenance, across locations and with support for multi-site organizations.

ITSM Platform, DCIM, & 3rd Party Tool Integration

Stave AssetPath can integrate seamlessly with your DCIM, ITSM or ERP system to offer you a combined view of information and a cohesive central platform for all IT data center and facility operations.