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All through Stave procurement products.

Stave connects your Amazon Business product catalog to your organization using our ServiceNow powered procure-to-pay solution.

Let your employees browse Amazon Business and submit a purchase request for what they need to do their work.

The purchase request is sent back to Stave where:

  • We assign workflows with configurable approvals
  • Once approved, convert the purchase request to a purchase order

We will automate the ordering and invoicing with Amazon using our PunchOut integration.

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Connect to your vendors with PunchOut

cXML PunchOut for ServiceNow

Amazon Business is our first quick connect vendor but our integration works with any cXML PunchOut enabled vendor.

If your organization uses a vendor today that offers cXML PunchOut services, contact us to learn more about how we can connect and automate your procurement with PunchOut.

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How Does cXML PunchOut Work With Stave Products On ServiceNow?

There are four key components of the PunchOut process:

Stave stores the data needed to connect your authenticated users to Amazon or another PunchOut vendor. When the vendor is selected the user is moved to the vendors website and logged in securely.

Requesters browse the vendor catalog, adds items they need to a cart, then submit the purchase request back to Stave for approvals and workflows.

The information is then used to create requisitions and purchase orders that are driven by Stave’s procurement workflows.

Purchase Orders are managed through Stave Procurement where we create a cXML file in ServiceNow then send the file to the vendor (in this case Amazon) to confirm the order. Once this is done, the vendor will send invoices and shipping information back to Stave Procurement.

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