Stave AssetPath enables conference room maintenance for Cox Enterprises

Using QRCode Generator from Stave, Cox Enterprises upgraded their legacy manual asset maintenance system to a digital maintenance request system in a matter of weeks.

Starting in Dayton, Ohio in 1898 with a newspaper, Cox Enterprises has grown into a global company covering such diverse markets as news, radio, satellite, cable, and self-driving cars. Even with this growth, Cox remains a values-driven private corporation that can invest in long-term growth.

The Challenge – Maintaining Conference Rooms For 55,000 Employees

In an organization with more than 55,000 employees, maintaining conference rooms and all of the assets within them is a challenge. The manual legacy system wasn’t up to the task. Employees arrived for conference calls to discover that the phone was out of order or the projector wasn’t working or the lights were out. A project team was tasked with resolving the problem quickly.

The Requirements – Simplify Asset Maintenance Requests

The team focused on solutions that allowed customization and branding of room signs that incorporate unique QR codes allowing employees to quickly access the facilities database and submit a request for service instantly using mobile devices. Cox wanted all of this done ASAP.

The Solution – QR Codes And Digital Asset Tracking

Cox utilized Stave’s QRCode Generator to create a track maintenance requests for all conference rooms. Stave delivered a solution in a matter of weeks. Using QRCode Generator, Cox has outfitted their conference and meeting rooms with customized QR code signs. Now, by scanning the code in a room, an employee can request service, track requests, and manage them digitally.

The Outcome – Digital Maintenance Requests Up 200%

The system has made it so easy to submit and track service requests that the volume of requests has increased 200 percent, almost eliminating time-consuming phone calls entirely. The ease-of-use and integration of Stave’s QRCode Generator now has Cox looking at AssetPath for their more complicated asset management needs.

Key Highlights

Easy-to-Use Maintenance Request UXIntegrated into ServiceNow®, dynamic QR codes provide a next-gen interface for users to submit and track conference room maintenance requests.

Maintenance Requests Up 200%Cox is seeing impressive mobile adoption rates among employees. Maintenance requests are up 200 percent thanks to efficient mobile portals provided by Stave. Phone calls for maintenance requests have almost completely stopped and conference rooms at Cox remain fully operational.

Implementation in Under a MonthStave delivered results in a matter of weeks using our certified and scoped app, allowing Cox to reap the benefits on an execrated timeline.

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