Fact: Stave Products are Certified and Scoped by ServiceNow

Did you know Stave ProcurementPath is currently the #1 procurement software on ServiceNow? In fact, all of Stave’s products, including AssetPath and CyberSecurity Manager, are frequently-downloaded solutions in the ServiceNow store.

The ServiceNow store is one of the world’s leaders in providing innovative, fully scoped and certified products that its users can trust. When you download something from the ServiceNow store, you can rest assured that it has been thoroughly developed, tested and reviewed by tech professionals.

Stave products go through a rigorous testing process that involves both ServiceNow’s developers as well as Stave’s own in-house development staff. Together these professionals incorporate feedback from users and testers to create solutions that offer user-friendliness, speed, efficiency, adaptability, and integration with commonly-used products around the world.

The ServiceNow Store Requirements

After the development phase, Stave products are released into the ServiceNow certified app store for the world to use. Anyone who downloads a Stave product from the ServiceNow store will know that it has already experienced a rigorous testing process and has met the following set of basic requirements:

Pre-built, Pre-tested

A certified app in the ServiceNow store was pre-built and pre-tested by ServiceNow staff. This means not only did Stave’s own crew carefully develop it, but it was doubly checked and refined in a partnership with Service Now.

This means the resulting products are front-loaded with features and ready for fast deployment. According to ServiceNow, this makes their offerings some of the fastest-to-deploy in the entire marketplace of the internet.

Added Automation

A solution from the ServiceNow store has been custom-built from the start with automation in mind. It favors fast, automated solutions that speed up the pace of your business and foster collaboration and problem-solving across your enterprise.

Partner Ecosystems

During the development and testing phase, each offering in the ServiceNow store is built for integration with hundreds of technology partners. You’ll recognize many of these technology partners’ names, like Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, and KPMG.

ServiceNow also has technology alliances with companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, SAP, and Slack. This means they are always looking for new and innovative ways to integrate with the world’s most powerful ecosystems and help people work more efficiently.

ROI-focused Solutions

Finally, every solution in the ServiceNow store is designed to work toward greater ROI for the companies that use it. This means Stave products are in the ServiceNow store in part because they are capable of delivering increasing value for users.

Why Use a Stave App From ServiceNow?

If your organization is like many, it’s dealing with limited resources. You have restricted budgets, finite manpower, and divided attention for a huge variety of urgent projects. 

In this challenging environment, a Stave app from the ServiceNow store provides an instant solution that is already tested by like-minded professionals. You know it’s of the highest quality, because your colleagues have already developed, viewed, tested, troubleshooted, and released this superior solution.

Stave apps on ServiceNow work as an extension of your business. To learn more, see our solutions in the ServiceNow store:

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