Now your digital assistant can recognize commands for your ServiceNow applications – enabling hands-free productivity and organizational functionality from any room with a device.

STAVE Voice turns your ServiceNow Instance into a true system of action by executing commands via digital voice assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa. All commands are defined, stored, and run from within the ServiceNow instance, which means creating and modifying voice commands is easy, familiar and fast.

By integrating STAVE Voice in your ServiceNow instance, your users can begin a conversation with a virtual agent in ServiceNow.

Use Voice Controls to:

Stave Voice makes it easy for your business to define any number of voice commands to say to ServiceNow and customize each response to your needs.

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Voice Features

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Easily Set Commands

Define what your users are able to “Ask Stave” and configure what happens when they do. The interface for this is a web portal.

Voice Commands for ServiceNow Apps
Voice Commands for ServiceNow Apps

Assign Command Variant

Easily group verbal variants with the same intent. This eliminates forced grammar rules and ensures more users get what they need.

Mobile-Friendly Dashboards

Show which commands are being requested, who are the biggest users, and capturing command requests that haven’t been defined yet.

Voice Commands for ServiceNow Apps

Analyze Usage & Failed Commands

Visualize the most-used commands in order to better understand your users and assist in your continual improvement of service delivery.

Spoken commands that have not been defined in the system are always captured for your analysis. This helps you understand what your users are asking for and aids in your understanding of their expectations.