Using ArcGIS Online with ServiceNow

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – like Ersi’s ArcGIS Online — can completely revolutionize the way organizations view and consume their enterprise data.  ServiceNow — the enterprise cloud platform — can completely revolutionize the way organizations manage and process their enterprise data.  When the two come together, amazing business results can happen.


We saw organizations across industries and sizes having success using both platforms, but they didn’t have a way to integrate the data together.  That’s why we built Stave Maps, the first and only integration between ArcGIS Online and ServiceNow.  It’s available as an app that runs within the ServiceNow platform from any mobile device. 

Stave Maps has been the only solution available to integrate ServiceNow with the Esri ArcGIS Online maps platform — the GIS solution used by over 60% of enterprise and government markets.  Now you can view any data you store and manage in ServiceNow, such as corporate assets, employee data, service requests, and view it visually on an ArcGIS map.  This includes the online maps that you’ve already built and configured on as well.

Stave Maps will be a game-changer to commercial customers, municipalities and governments, and global enterprises who trust ServiceNow, Esri, and Google.  The Stave Maps app is the only certified COTS solution to extend ServiceNow with these amazing capabilities.

See below for a 4-min overview and a slightly-longer, full recorded demo of Stave Maps.

4-min Overview








Stave Maps is available right now in the ServiceNow Store.  Customers may try the platform free for 30-days in a stand-alone demo instance of ServiceNow, or may install the app for free in any of their sub-production instances.




We’re very excited about this release of Stave Maps and are also more than happy to give you a live online demo and help you understand how you can leverage these powerful GIS capabilities within ServiceNow for your business.




We hope customers who appreaciate GIS and robust cloud platforms will be able to get the most out of Stave Maps today.





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